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Small plates

Hand-cut Organic Fries

with house-made garlic mayo & ketchup (VEG)

Hand-cut Organic Sweet Potato Fries

with house-made garlic mayo & ketchup (VEG)

Margherita Pizza

8’’ pizza with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garlic, basil (VEG)

Sonny Boy Pizza

8’’ pizza with local & naturally raised sausage, fresh mozzarella, green peppers, garlic

Potato Pancake with Smoked Trout

house-made pancake topped with creme fraiche, a poached egg, and Star Prairie smoked trout

Organic Soup Of the day cup or bowl



see ideas for wine/beer pairings below

Hazelnut Salad

organic greens & apples, blue cheese, toasted (VEG, GF)

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc/1554

Organic Mixed Greens (VEG, V, GF)

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc/Bell’s Two-Hearted

Green Mountain

all organic: lightly dressed greens under a potato

pancake, house-made veggie burger, and roasted

tomato spread, topped with a poached egg (VEG, GF)

Scaia Chardonnay/Pilsner Urquell



see ideas for wine/beer pairings below

Sonny’s Bucatini Boiognese

naturally raised local beef & pork, organic onions,

celery and carrots in Crema’s tomato cream sauce


Crema’s Garganelli

Fischer Farm bacon, organic peas & cremini

mushrooms, parmigiano reggiano, butter cream sauce

Brunori Le Gemme Verdicchio/Duvel

Linguini Marinara

tomatoes, organic veggies – green & red peppers,

carrots, onion & herbs (VEG)

Add naturally raised beef & pork meatballs

Scaia Corvina/Moretti Lager


Burgers & such

served with organic corn chips or

Substitute: petite green salad

house-made slaw, hand-cut organic fries

Add: gruyere/cheddar, grilled/raw onion

roasted sweet pepper

see ideas for wine/beer pairings below

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Panini

organic portobellos & red onions, house-made

pesto spread, roasted sweet pepper, provolone (VEG)

Cono Sur Pinot/1554

The Sonny Burger

local and naturally raised beef served

with pickles & lettuce on a brioche bun

Sawbuck Cabernet/Brooklyn Lager

Yummy Organic Veggie Burger

house-made & all organic: oats, garbanzo & black

beans, walnuts and almonds, celery, onions, green

peppers & tomato basil spread (VEG)

Scaia Chardonnay/Pilsner Urquell

Grandma Nunna’s Meatball Sandwich

naturally raised house-made beef & pork

meatballs in Crema’s marinara sauce with

provolone & parmigiano reggiano on a baguette

Oko Malbec/Duvel

Sloppy Ron

another one of Ron’s highly guarded recipes made

with naturally raised beef & pork

Saladini/Moretti Lager



Step up to the counter and try a sample or two of our freshly made ice creams and sorbets. Sonny’s has been churning up small batches of classic and whimsical flavors right here on this corner since 1945. Our house-made cakes are just as delicious, each baked lovingly by Ron with almost all organic ingredients.

VEG – vegetarian GF – gluten free V – vegan

Don’t be shy to ask us to omit an ingredient from a menu item; if we’re able, we’re happy to accommodate. We respectfully request no substitutions.