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Our food

Sonny's Cafe is the home

of award-winning Sonny's ice cream, sorbet and gelato. Made right here for nearly 70 years: Now that is what we call sustainable!

Sonny's is one of those rare birds

that meet the criteria for both a destination cafe and a neighborhood hangout... the kind of place where locals, foodies, and everyone in between come together to experience great food made with local and organic ingredients, and artisan ice cream, gelato and sorbet handcrafted in small, deeply loved batches. You can come for a full meal, a bottle of wine, homemade dessert or just an awesome scoop of pure goodness.

We make your food from scratch

Our produce is local and organic and comes from local farmers who follow sustainable farming ways. All of our meat is local, organic and/or naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics. We don't open a can for our ingredients. Everything on our menu is made from scratch—from our real veggie burger, to our famous Sonny Burger, to our non-dairy coleslaw—made with a minimum of 15 perfectly matched organic ingredients.

We infuse the same passion and love

we put into every batch of Sonny's ice cream and sorbet. All of our chicken, turkey, beef and pork are raised naturally and locally. We object to hormones, pesticides and irradiation.

We go to sleep at night knowing we served you the very best.

We have never been able to separate the business from personal. We serve you only what we would eat ourselves, and goodness...are we picky! We've tasted tons of wines to bring you the best value for your dollar. Wines that are grown without harmful pesticides. We offer an impressive Intelligentsia espresso-bar menu, award-winning homemade drinks, beer and soda floats and sparkling concoctions.

Our custom libations

beg you to sip and savor life.

From the moment you enter our cafe, time simply slows down and invites you to stay in the moment.

The piazza and gardens invite you to

come, feel, and taste the love.