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About Sonny

Sonny loved people.
Sonny remembered everyone’s name.
Sonny remembered your spouse, children, and almost always, their children (not kidding).
Sonny was kind.
Sonny was gentle.
Sonny loved wine and would tap the base of his glass when he wanted more.
Sonny loved food.
Sonny loved ice cream and ate it every single night.
Sonny would sneak cookies from the café and put them in his pockets.
Sonny loved hugs ---his famous line was “can I get a hug?”
Sonny loved children, adults and the elderly.
Sonny never thought he was old. He said he was surprised when he looked in the mirror to see how old he looked.
Sonny always told you how beautiful you were---until you believed it.
I never heard Sonny raise his voice.
I never heard Sonny swear.
Sonny lent his friends a lot of money and forgave every debt.
Sonny made everyone feel special.
Sonny loved a party!
Sonny loved baseball, football, basketball, and hockey---even though he wouldn’t admit to those that didn’t.
Sonny loved to lie to make you feel good.
Sonny loved the neighborhood.
Sonny loved to hang out.
Sonny loved to listen.
Sonny loved to wave to employees from his apartment when they left at the end of their shift.
Sonny loved to check and make sure all the doors were locked and all the freezers were running.
Sonny loved animals---especially grizzy and pie.
Sonny was a simple guy.
Sonny believed that he was protected by St. Christopher throughout being drafted in WW11 and so many other life challenges.
Sonny worked the old Nicollet Park Baseball field ---Home of the Millers.
Sonny was an amazing baseball player and was drafted by the Cubs, but decided to stay home with Mama.
Sonny was 100% Italian.