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We serve Intelligentsia Coffee

Espresso Drinks









Add a flavor shot

pomegranate, hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, cherry, almond, strawberry, raspberry, black currant, Irish cream


Slow-Brewed Coffee

(served during brunch)

Cup (one free refill)

3-cup Pot

5-cup Pot

Cafe au Lait


Loose leaf teas

ask to see our extensive tea menu of herbal, black, oolong & green teas


Beer in bottles

Bell’s Two Hearted

Bell’s Oberon

New Belgium 1554

Fat Tire

Summit EPA

Pilsner Urquell

Brooklyn Lager

Moretti Lager



Buckler (n.a.)


Hot exclusives

House-made Chai

select spices, black tea & milk

House-made Hot Chocolate

chocolate & secret cream base


espresso & secret cream base

Soy Joy

chocolate, cinnamon, almond, hazelnut & soy milk


Ice cream & sorbet drinks

Sorbet Spritzer

2 scoops of sorbet in Perrier

Sorbet Cocktail

any scoop sorbet in prosecco

Caffe Crema

mocha with Crema ice cream

Sonny’s Latte

latte with any scoop


any scoop over espresso

Sonny’s Floats

rootbeer, orange, cola

Guinness Float

Guinness with any scoop

The Ultimate Float

Guinness, Crema ice cream, espresso


Cold drinks

Iced Chai

select spices, black tea & milk

Iced Crem-ah

espresso & secret cream base

Chocolate Cream

chocolate in a secret cream base

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

condensed milk, espresso, ice

Chocolate Mousse

condensed milk, chocolate, milk

Italian Spritzer

Organic Orange Juice

Organic Apple Juice

Cold Press Coffee

Red Berries Iced Tea

Organic Real Lemonade,

Sunshine (lemonade/iced tea)


Bottles and cans

Perrier, Fiji, San Pellegrino

(oranciata, limonata, oranciata rossa),

RW Knutson (black cherry, mango, red raspberry, tangerine, orange passion),

Orange Crush, IBC Root Beer

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Coke, Diet Coke, 7-uP