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Where to find

In case you are wondering where you can buy Sonny's ice cream (besides at Sonny's Cafe, of course!)

You can buy Sonny’s pints at Kowalski’s and the Twin Cities Co-ops. These stores may not carry all of the flavors you're looking for, but feel free to ask the frozen food buyer to bring in your favorite flavor!

Current pint flavors in stores*


Razzle Raspberry

Blood Orange

Cherry Zinfandel

Citrus Squeeze

Cantaloupe Lime

Ginger Root

Ice Cream

Authentic Spumoni

Real Cinnamon

Green Tea

Caramel Sea Salt

Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Pure Vanilla Bean

Toasted Coconut

Fresh Banana

Caramel Crème Brulée

* Not all stores carry all flavors. If you can't find your desired flavor, ask the frozen food buyer to bring it in!

You can also find Sonny's at many of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Have ideas for pint flavors?

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