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Our ice cream, gelato + sorbet

At Sonny's we make over 1,000 flavors throughout the year.

We create a new flavor nearly every single day!


Sonny’s has been in business for 70 years (read our story here) and the recipe and the process are exactly the same.

We make all of our ice cream, sorbet, gelato one tiny batch at a time.

Ice cream---cream based

Gelato—milk based

Sorbet---reverse osmosis water, real fruit and sugar (dairy free)

ice creamOwner Ron Siron has been making ice cream, sorbet (and now gelato) for over 45 years.

Ron makes all of our flavors from scratch.

It’s easy to open a can of caramel and just dump it in the hopper but he takes the time to make homemade caramel, ganache, purees, etc. from real ingredients.

Years ago, a sales guy for banana puree found our banana pints in one of the stores and made a sales call to sell us banana puree in a can. He laughed at us when we told him we buy bananas, ripen them to perfection, peel them, and make our own banana puree.

He challenged us to a throw down

where we each used the same cream base -- with us and our homemade puree and he with his can, and it wasn’t even close. When people eat our banana ice cream, they say, “it tastes just like a banana.”

That’s because it is a banana!

For every small batch, we start out with our cream base and whatever we add is the real deal. If it’s ginger, we get great organic ginger, peel it, and infuse into the cream. We don’t open cans and bottles to get our flavors. We take the time to grind, grate, puree, and more.

Before we turn cream into ice cream,

we taste every single batch.

We can’t rely on recipes because when you are making ice cream, sorbet and gelatos from real ingredients, the fruit may have different sweetness levels. So, we are constantly adjusting, and that is why it tastes SO good.

Colors--no blue cotton candy for us!

People ask why our mint truffle is white. We infuse mint and it doesn’t bleed green.

If we color anything we use the following:

Spinach juice for green

Beet juice for pink

Turmeric for yellow

Our ice cream tastes like it's name because that's what we use to make it!

If you're eating our Organic Banana Roasted in Local Browned Butter with Myer's Dark Rum, guess what it contains? Yep, you guessed it:

Organic bananas

Myer's Dark Rum

Local butter


It's that pure and simple!


Just to get your taste buds going,

here's a list of some of our flavors.