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How would you feel about spreading joy through your work?

The goal of Sonny’s has always been to be the happiest part of the day for every single person who walks through our door. We want our customers to enter Sonny’s and leave the world and any troubles behind.

Our handcrafted approach doesn’t end with the ice cream and food we make. It extends to the experience we provide to all our customers and our coworkers. We value differences and celebrate each other. We have built a community of people that value respect, dedication, responsibility, creativity, and compassion.

Think you have what it takes to spread joy, one scoop at at time? Then apply today!

Here’s how you can apply to work with us:

  1. ONLINE: Fill out the form below and click submit. PLEASE NOTE: If your form has been submitted successfully, you will receive a message immediately that says “Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly” and you will also receive a copy of your form via email.If your form did not go through successfully, please email the owners to let them know right away.
  2. DOWNLOADABLE PDF:  Download, print and fill out this PDF application form by hand. To submit a hard copy application for our review, you can either mail it to us, email it as a scanned attachment to owners@sonnysicecream.com, or drop it off anytime Sonny’s Cafe is open. We will then contact qualified candidates for more information.

Thank you in advance for your interest!

Application Form (Downloadable PDF)

Online Application Form (Fill out below)

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